CH Mohammed Koya Memorial Charitable Centre

Enjoy Togetherness, Strengthen Community, Transform them as a Platform to do Righteous Deeds, Including continuous, dedicated and sincere Services to the poor and less fortunates.


Human in nature is a social being. His activities are not confined to eat and drink only but to discharge social obligations by helping fellow human being in their distress and difficulties due to sufferings of poverty and diseases and thereby enable them to lead a sound life. All religions and even material philosophies inculcate in human being a sense of caring and compassion for those who are in need, vulnerable and in distress. Almighty ALLAH tells His believers in a most direct and unambiguous manner that achieving nearness to Him cannot be accomplished without being fulfilling our duties to our family and community, and without being caring and compassionate towards the poor and destitute.

Life need not be a sweet experience for all. It is a common sight that a large number of people in our area are suffering from serious diseases and bear its consequences that forced them to lead a deplorable life. We see large number of heart breaking sights everywhere while some enjoy a life of bliss for which one has to be thankful to Almighty ALLAH. Such gratitude should be demonstrated by extending helping hands to under-privileged. Serving the helpless destitute brothers and sisters irrespective of religion, cast and creed is a noble deed and sacred duty which are considered to be sublime work according to mankind and religious concepts. Islam enforces all believers that they should strive hard to keep the attitude of helping each other. We – a group of determined and dedicated persons – firmly uphold such responsibility and working under the banner of C.H. Centers at Koizhikode, Thiruvananthapuram, Kannoor, Trissur and Manjery to render service to the poor and needy people.
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