Indian Union Muslim League (IUML)

On 15 August 1947, India won her freedom from British upper-hand. In that time itself, India had to endure the acute anguish of the partition. As most of Muslim leaders of pre-independent India left for Pakistan the Indian Muslims became a pilot-less community.   In spite of all objections and expostulations, on 10th of March 1948, Mr. Ismail Sahib, the stalwart chieftain of Indian Muslims, convened a meeting in Rajaji Hall of Madras state to discuss on necessity of a political party for the sake of honorable existence of Indian muslims. Most of participants were very steadfast on that there wasn’t requirement of a Muslims own political party in this situation. But, Bafaqi Thangal, B.Pokker Sahib and Uppi Sahib who took part in the meeting as representative of Malabar, discoursed there indicating the necessity of political party. So, At last, Mr. Qaede-Milleth gave birth to a political party named “Indian Union Muslim League”

Formed with an object of achieving the constitutional rights of Muslims, other backwards and minority people of India, IUML (Indian Union Muslim League) has been standing always for democracy and the integrity of the nation and its all round development and the League's motto is secularism and communal harmony. League could uphold the sacredness of diversity of Indian life besides fighting for the existence and rights of the Muslim minority. This mission is responsible for making the League occupied a high position in the democratic system of the country. Indian Union Muslim League is the largest forum for the Muslims to achieve their rights through democratic means. Muslim League's history is nothing but the story of this mission. It was possible for the Muslim League to voice and become forerunners of the rights of the minorities with the help of the secular principle and support of the other communities. From the very beginning the Muslim League has been working by holding the flag of secularism, communal harmony peace and political wisdom in the Indian democratic process. The acceptance that Muslim League has received in Kerala politics vouches for this democratic character and fight for minority rights

It was the Muslims of Kerala that led the Indian Muslims who entrapped in the depth of darkness in post-independence days, to the way of victory. They the Keralite Muslims were blessed by greatness of leadership. The splendid leadership of Bafaqi Thangl, the Long-sight of Seethi Sahib and the vigor and robustness of C.H. Mohammed Koya helped the league obtain the solid hearty supports of the masses in Kerala. They could cultivate a common sense in Muslims brothers of that the presence of Muslim League is very essential to preserve the community’s interests in the right manner. It is a unforgettable fact that the favor of tradition too, as well as magnitude of leadership, was a strong factor that steered the religiously conscious Muslims to bank of the Muslim League. 

The Keralite Muslims was able to create the wonderments in the Indian politics on the strength of unity and oneness. In the first election held in 1952 after freedom, the five candidates of the Muslim League were elected from Malabar the all-time garrison of the Muslim League, to Madras state assembly. To the Indian Union Muslim League, the supports given by the League members for the Congress to get rid of forming of a government by Marxist Party, become a plus-point which helped the party to get the vast public admirations.           The sincere participation of the Muslim League in Vimojana Samaram (Liberation Strike) uplifted the party to the national fame. The commitment of Muslim League in way of social services and nation-building made even the antagonists give up the predestinations. The history is witness of that whenever the Muslim League fought for the reasonable rights of minorities; it had struggled to protect the national interests.          On condition that we do make a comparative study between the Muslims of Kerala and Muslims of other states of India, we will be able to find out in our ultimate analysis that the Muslims of Kerala are comparatively on speed track of educational, social, political and economical advancements. Here, we ought to ponder on a reality that the Muslim population of some other states of India are more than of Kerala. The Keralite Muslims experience enough favorable atmospheres in order to construct the mosques and madrasas (Religious Schools) as they like and propagate the religion in the very peaceful and law-abiding manner.


As far as the Indian Union Muslim League is concerned, It has In the more than six and half decades long magnificent history of party, done so many illustrious services for the best future of the community. In Kerala which is known to be the ever-time laboratory of political companionship, It is very manifest that any government that had nothing to do with the Muslim League, wasn’t able to contribute the enough securities , favors, concession and supports for Muslim minority as the League -included government done. The list of achievements earned by power of the League is very large. The first and foremost cause of these entire accomplishments is that the very far-sighted leaders of Ummah could perpetuate the Muslim League even after the Partition.
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