KERALA MUSLIM CULTURAL CENTRE which known popularly as KMCC among the whole expatriates in the world, is an organization beyond expectation. It does not necessitate an introduction at all. Formed by expatriate Muslims League’
Well-wishers from Kerala in Gulf countries, KMCC Today, has became the largest cultural groups in the world. It has been preserving the entire interests of expatriates from India as well as Kerala for some decades. It is one of the best cultural groups among the expatriate Indians, promoting Muslim folklore, other artistically performance of Kerala Muslims and Islamic culture and heritage.

Besides this, it is noteworthy that KMCC stands in order to preserve the communal harmony and to promote the peace and tolerance among the society. KMCC firmly bears in mind that the most attracted part of its activities is our generosity and magnanimity. KMCC workers are ever so glad to state that KMCC has done so many charitable activities in its past. KMCC has given our helping hands to poor families for marriage of their daughters and education of their children.

Together with this, KMCC has declared our solid solidarity to Palestinian Mujahideen who have been fighting for noble cause for many years and to Bosnian Muslims when they were attacked by Serbian aggressors. More over this, as a part of a minority political party, KMCC spends the time to strengthen the Indian Union Muslim League which formed in 1948 by Qaede Millath Muhammed Ismael Sahib. Because, KMCC believes that the honorable existence of Indian Muslims is syrongly related with their political strength. That is the only reason why KMCC listen to words League’s leaders when they are in need. So, the KMCC make strenuous efforts to make the mass politically aware and vigilant always